Business Ethics

We keep our word as a promise We are fair in our business dealings.

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We pursue Excellence & Perfection .We Won't Deviate from standards . We Deliver what has been promised.

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We Listen and Learn from others .We are Open to others opinion .We humbly Accept our mistakes.

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We are Practical in our approach.We have Controlled Aggression.We believe in Win-Win situation .

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We treat with Dignity , Respect and we value others Point-of-View . We Refrain from negativity.

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"When we build, we finish.
When we commit, we deliver"

Every day, thinkers wait patiently in the queue of life. Achievers dare to jump out of the queue and forge their own path. AJ TechnovationTeam a technocrat and an engineering graduate specialized in industrial and commercial air conditioning.

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We are passionated with


We provide HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) systems and Automated control systems to provide your business with the perfect climatic environment possible

Our Services

Time Management

The Timelines of every project depend on the scope, cost as well as time for the design, procurement process.

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Equipment Inspection

Equipment health checks, efficiency calculations and operational sustainability studies are carried out.

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Procurement Services

Ensuring that the design and technical specifications are not diluted, the Customer gets the correct cost.

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